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About us

Finding the right barrister is crucial to ensure you are guaranteed the best legal defence. Undoubtedly, Zabeyda & Partners is a widely renowned law firm based in Russia. Our team is highly experienced, with first-class knowledge in  economic, white-collar crimes and corruption offences. Having been involved in many of the most prominant cases, we are mainly known for providing strategic advice for matters out of the public eye, such as cybercrime, extradition, tax crime, criminal bankruptcy, and international arrest warrants.

Most of the lawyers at Zabeyda & Partners have previously been employed in law enforcement as investigators, prosecutors and judges. This unique experience both in public service and in private legal practice makes our team extremely effective working with economic and high-tech/cyberbcrime.

Over the years, Zabeyda & Partners has gained acknowledged a vast amount of expertise in cases of extradition of accused persons both at the request of Russia, sent to foreign jurisdictions, and vice versa.

Furthermore, we are genuinely interested in working with clients from all over the world. Zabeyda & Partners has built  relationships with the high-profile foreign criminal lawyers.